Clown‘in Kabul

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Clown‘in Kabul


This hour-long film documents the 5-week medical and laughter-relief mission of more than 20 clown-doctors in Afghanistan following the 2001 U.S. lead war.

Directed by Italian filmmakers Enzo Balestrieri & Stefan Moser in their first collaboration.



Watching this incredible ‘Smile Mission’ to help the children of war-ravaged Afghanistan is sure to move the most hardened viewer to tears. The camera registers contrasts between their bright costumes and the ashen, barren lands; between the children’s delighted responses and the clowns’ shock at the suffering they witness, with a great sense of drama. The record 10-minute standing ovation at the Venice Festival screening affirms that laughter is universal, and joy is a human right.

—27th Hong Kong International Film Festival
(where it won the Humanitarian Award for Best Documentary)

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